I'm currently enrolled in the Cybersecurity Master's program at the University of Delaware, with my expected graduation date set for May 2025.

I am looking for Internships for Summer 2024 or Fall 2024.

My technical interests are in Deep Learning(especially Large Language Models) and Privacy Preserving Systems. In Privacy Preserving Systems, I am specifically interested in Differential Privacy, Federated Learning and Secure Multi Party Computation.

At the University of Delaware, I serve as a Student Researcher at the Computational Research and Programming Lab. My focus involves working on code generation utilizing LLMs.

I used to work at Ederlabs on privacy preserving Machine learning (PPML).

I was also core member of Openmined Secure Multiparty Computation team. I used to review pull requests, write functionality and help maintain in SyMPC library. SyMPC allows computing over encrypted data, that includes training and evaluating neural networks. The library used a Pytorch backend.

I graduated from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore with a Bachelors in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) in 2020.

Apart from technical interests and work, I am curious about several things and spend time reading about various topics. I am especially interested in capital markets and business. I closely follow the Indian markets and invest using fundamental analysis.

The second man to walk on the moon once saw a presentation of mine :P