I currently work at Ederlabs on privacy preserving Machine learning (PPML).

I am also a core member of Openmined Secure Multiparty Computation team.
I review pull requests, write functionality and help maintain in SyMPC library. SyMPC allows computing over encrypted data, and to train and evaluate neural networks in Pytorch.

My technical interests are in Machine Learning, Privacy Preserving Systems and Software Engineering.
In Privacy Preserving Systems, I am specifically interested in Differential Privacy, Federated Learning and Secure Multi Party Computation.

I graduated from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore with a Bachelors in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) in 2020.

Apart from technical interests and work, I am curious about several things and spend time reading about various topics like economics, politics and business. That wasn't an exhaustive list of topics :). Sometimes I watch TV shows.

The second man to walk on the moon saw a presentation of mine :P