Hrishikesh Kamath Website

I currently work at Ederlabs on privacy preserving Machine learning (PPML).

I am also a member of [Openmined]( SyMPC team.

My interests are in Machine Learning, Privacy Preserving Systems and Software Engineering. In PPML , I am specifically interested in Differential Privacy, Federated Learning and Trusted Execution Environments (TEE's).

Available on Twitter as kamathhrishi and on LinkedIn.

I would like to write Blogposts


Open Source Contributions


“A library for answering questions using data you cannot see”
A framework for privacy-preserving deep learning using Pytorch and Tensorflow.
I worked on Pytorch development. Part of the Core team Contributed to Core PySyft Team

The experience helped me learn a lot of software engineering practices such as unit tests, code reviews, Git, writing clean and documented code.


Computer Vision library for human-computer interaction in Python

I have refactored certain parts of the library for improved usability and wrote test cases to ensure accurate functionality. Ported library to Python 3.0.

Some Projects I am proud of

For complete list of projects feel free to check my Github Profile.

Privacy Preserving Pandas

Indoor Scene Recognition with Visual Attributes

Weakly Supervised Street View Text Detection

Animals with Attributes
Supervised Learning

Zero Shot Learning


Contact me on kamathhrishi [at] gmail